Privacy Policy

Updated 1-1-2021




Account information


We only collect information which is essential to create your account and to facilitate payment for services. Required information includes your name, email address, and device phone number. Credit cards may be collected for payment, but they are stored by our payment processing company and not Secured Communications. Your email is required in order to communicate with you for account purposes. Your device phone number is needed to verify that you and you alone, can access your messages.


App Data Collection


There are certain items you will be requested to allow on your device as you install. None of these are required, but they will make your app experience easier and more productive. All data collected and transmitted is encrypted at rest and in transit. Other than the account information above and certain usage information, Secured Communications does not have access to your messages, calls, files or any content.




Notifications are used to alert you when new messages or content are available. You may disallow these on the device, but you will need to manually refresh the app in order to receive new content.




Our communication apps will request access to your contacts list when they are first installed and opened, solely for the purpose of connecting you with any of your contacts who use our platform. We do not store your contacts, and the app processes this data only once, and solely for the purpose of matching you with your contacts.


Calling features


Our communication apps will request access to your mobile device’s microphone and camera in order to place secure calls and participate in secure video conferences. We do not record, store, or analyze any video or audio processed as part of calls or meetings on our platform. You may disallow this feature.


Website information


The website collects standard usage information such as your IP Address and what you access on our site. This information is not linked in any way to your account and is not personally identifiable by us. It is only maintained to allow us to provide a smooth-running site and to anticipate future server and system needs.




SC users will have cookies stored on their systems. These cookies are not designed to capture, collect, harvest, or otherwise record your data, and function solely to streamline loading times on our online portals.


Information sharing - Your content


The content of your messages is encrypted at the source and decrypted at the intended receiving device. We do not collect or store the keys to decrypt the information. We store the encrypted information only long enough to transfer it to the intended receiver. Once the information is received, it is removed from our system.


The only keys to decrypting the content of your communications are stored on your device and the receiving device. We do not hold any keys and cannot access them. Since you hold the keys to your communications, you should protect access to your device and burn any conversations that may be sensitive if your phone were lost or stolen.


There are no backdoors to the system or any information stored therein.


Compliance with the law


Secured Communications is based in the United States and subject to all applicable laws and regulations

therein. We will comply with any legal request for information or any valid court order, but since we do

not store the content of your communications or have the keys to decrypt any information held at rest

on our system, any disclosure or legal production would be extremely limited; we cannot turn over

information we do not have.


GDPR Privacy Policy


To view our GDPR Addendum, click here.


Users of our platform are subject to all terms contained in the End User License Agreement.

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